Strigoi: The Blood Bond

Strigoi: The Blood Bond - Ron D. Voigts While not what I had expected, based on the title, I did enjoy this. I expected lots of vampire action. And vampires there are but this has a more generic Paranormal mystery air through much of the book. 3.5 stars for final rating.

Alex gets a mysterious inheritance letter, taking him the the small, isolated town of Glade. From snake-like attorney, odd silences and strange townsfolk that are outdated, Alex has a lot to figure out. He wanted to just get in, claim his inheritance and get out. But other forces have other plans. Then there is Maggie. She is feisty. I liked her character. Less the jerk of a boyfriend. She ends up in Glade after a nasty car crash. And bears some strange resemblance that sets some of the town on its heals.

What frustrates me the most here is how naive she and especially Alex seem to be. How many hints and situations need to fall in ones lap to get the idea that something is wrong! Although part of that frustration I blame on how the book is written. We are given some other views that prepare us. But still, they were given enough. Then they have to wonder if they even CAN leave.

I love the town. The mixed era's, the characters... Everyone has s part they play here. Some sincere, others.....well lets just say I refused to like other characters just to be safe. Some have only been there a few years, others have been there for much longer. One silly thing I noticed is when Sally is putting on perfume. It states she has had it since she came to town in the 1920's and has been using is sparingly. Um, 90 year old perfume?! Eew! Author is obviously not aware that perfume changes scent and goes bad over time. So oopsie there or that is some fancy, well preserved perfume!

This novel sort of reminded me of the old gothic mansion mystery novels. With a paranormal twist that put it right up my alley. While the paranormal aspect is subtle through the beginning majority, it does step up as it gets further along. For me the culture mixes, mysterious situations and oddities made this story most enjoyable for me. It does get more traditional vampire horror toward the end but it is very last minute and leaves a few question unanswered. Hence the 3.5