First Wave (The Travis Combs Dystopian Thrillers)

First Wave (The Travis Combs Dystopian Thrillers) - JT Sawyer I was quite impressed with the down-to-earth aspects this has. This is not just some zombie-crazed novel, but a story of survival.

Travis is one of many of a rafting group that has been away from civilization for the past 3 weeks but when their pickup does not show up the group soon learns that the world has taken a nasty turn. You can see the summary description for some of what they face.

To be honest, there is not a lot of zombie action in these books. While there are some they are not the main focus. Like I said, this is survival story. While many zombie stories take place in the city, this story hits the deserted lands where mother nature has a few twists of her own to throw in. Travis and company face flash floods, rabid dogs, heat, lack of food and more.

While this in itself may not be new, the practical, harsh reality is. Even without nasty biker gangs or zombies, there are just some lands that have a harsher element to them and Arizona can be one of them.

I loved the survival aspects, honestly it is educational in many ways. Although I hope to never be put to the test of those wilds! While I enjoyed the story so far I am struggling to get into the characters. I felt that I was just starting to get a decent feel for Travis at the very end. Let alone, the others in the group. So I hope the next book has more character development.

Overall, I enjoyed this. It is not a scary, over the top zombie novel. Yes there are zombies but so far they play a minor part. Although from my understanding of the series, I think they might take a more pivotal role later on. So for adventure with a bit of intrigue and zombies tossed in, check this one out! I know I will continue the series.