Glimpse of Darkness (Chronicles of the Cursed, #1)

Glimpse of Darkness (Chronicles of the Cursed, #1) - Nicole Delacroix Fairly well written but has a ways to go for engaging the reader. It was an interesting concept that I wanted to enjoy but ultimately was never able to get into it.

Charlie is a small town Canadian girl who never knew her mother and her father is suddenly missing. Two strangers in town. One is Sam, who seems to possibly be looking for Charlie's father (Also named Charlie). The other is Daniel. A good-looking guy who Charlie immediately crushes on. Hard. After a long day she goes home, finds her home ransacked and then Daniel shows up saying she must leave her home forever and go with him. And so she does.

Here begins my irritation. Who blindly follows a random stranger?! Hot or not there is no way! Especially when wolves enter the picture! Throughout this book Charlie trusts Daniel without reservation. She doubts his information at times, but puts her future fully into his hands. Sorry, but no.

Now Charlies as a character, minus her blatant and abnormal trust I like. Naive, no doubt, but she is a carefree, fun and caring person that you can't help but like. Daniel, on the other hand, I never could make up my mind about. He evades too much, gives information is a strange order that he thinks is best and just seems a bit manipulative. He hides things like how and what he can do and just never seems to give the whole story. Yet he is so trustworthy!

Then there is the insta-love. He meets her and is suddenly willing to lay down his life for her? And she blindly follows him across the country! Gah! Way to unbelievable!

Then there is the mixed religion. It is hard to explain but fiction or not, certain parts of this bother me. Best was to describe it is I felt almost like there was some religious subliminal messaging. I am not saying the author meant for this. Maybe it is just how a lot is taken based on Christianity but slight details are then total skewed. Mind you, this part was just a personal thing.

Now the writing is well done. Clean and crisp. It reads fast. but there was way too much internal dialogue the characters had with themselves. Not a lot of action. The book is at least 50% about the two of them. Their feelings, especially for each other. Yet it does not read as a romance either.

The characters are in their early/mid twenties yet the story style seems more geared toward teenagers. So overall my thoughts are mixed, but in the end I just had less that I liked than what I didn't. Final rating is between 2- 2.5 stars.