Attachments - Rainbow Rowell I am very mixed about this book. Overall, I enjoyed it. The pace was mostly very well down, the writing was clear and the story was entertaining. Yet it has some negatives as well that kept me from fully ever being engaged with the novel.

This book takes place from two very different perspectives. The first is from Lincoln(Linc). About 65% (guesstimate) of the book we travel alongside him. He is an IT/security man for a newspaper. Late twenties, several degrees under his belt, very smart, and still living with mom. Right away I can see how socially awkward he is. Certain things with him just don't seem to 'click' on a relational or emotional level. Yet I could not help but like him.

The other perspective is all an email/chat between Beth and Jennifer. Two other employees at the paper. Part of Lincoln's job is to search and read emails that get flagged. He is supposed to warn employees about inappropriate computer usage. Yet he is drawn to their conversation. In particular he is drawn to Beth. So he never reports them yet continues the email reading.

In many ways, Linc's behavior is creepy-stalker like. Especially when he checks out her work station and starts going to her boyfriend's concerts. I try to accept the email reading as he is still doing his job (you never know when personal conversations can turn into something else) but the other things were not okay. So even though he is a nice guy, his disconnect gets him in trouble with me.

Another thing that drove me nuts in this book was the chat/email style. Every other chapter at first (and then every third chapter) is between Beth and Jennifer. While this part does not bother me, the STYLE in which is is written drives me nuts! << Beth to Jennifer >>......<< Jennifer to Beth >>...... UGH! All the back and forth gave he a headache at my regular reading speed so I had to really slow down and focus on who says what. A simple << Beth >> with Beth was chatting and << Jennifer >> would have been much easier. Or a --->Beth if it was Jennifer to Beth. Just keeping is simple would have been much appreciated!

The other thing that bugged me is until over halfway through the book I could not visualize anything. We are in the middle of the book at the first mention to what Lincoln looks like. Let me simply say that until then I stereotyped how he looked. He got the adorable geek look. Skinny, hair in the eyes, etc. Apparently not! And therefore my mind was confused to what to imagine. I like knowing what the characters look like a lot sooner.

While the falling in love over reading emails as a third party seems odd, I still enjoyed the story. I have a friend that reminds me greatly of Lincoln (less the stalking) with the highly schooled, social inept gamer mentality. Although with Beth being a movie critic I also see it as a cute fit.

So the story moves nicely and has lots of coming-into-your-own going on. A late-in-life self discovery. I love seeing Linc mature and blossom. I just wish the manor was a bit more healthy. A fun, light and playful read.

*I received an eCopy of this book for review from PENGUIN Group in return for a fair and honest review. All opinions expressed are strictly my own.*