Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, Vol. 4

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, Vol. 4 - Ohtaka Shinobu Again, this volume continues on a slightly more serious line. While there are still some great comedic moments, especially when Aladdin starts acting like an adorable little boy, the intricacy of the plot deepens.

We get to find out more what is going on with Morgiana, her history, and personality. I must say, I have come to really like her character a lot. She and Aladding cross paths and begin to travel together. So the story begins to pull itself back together.

We also get to meet Sinbad. Sinbad seems nice but I don't trust him. In ways, he seems too nice. Shifty. Not saying he is a bad guy but there is more to him than he shares I think.

A few other popular named characters join the fray but I will leave those as a surprise for the readers. What I will say is the party travels to Balbadd where there is a lot going on and non of it good!

I can't help but cheer Aladdin on. I want him to discover his destiny. To find Alibaba again... And I think they go together (destiny and Alibaba that is). Aladdin is still girl crazy and likes to inappropriately snuggle to them (and he knows what he is doing!) and his child-like side come out more in this one. The story is obviously heading toward bigger things...

**I was given the opportunity to read a digital copy of this manga in exchange for a fair and honest review.**