Clutter Free Home: 15 Day House Cleaning Speed Run to a Quickly Organized House

Balmy in Barna: Bobbi - Molly McDonnell This had some good little pointers!

While I must first admit I didn't use this to the 15 day concept there are several tips and ideas that I want to try to utilize as I have time and money. One thing Claudia Jameson has a heavy emphasis on ins containers (totes, trays, lazy susans, baskets, etc0 and those cost money I don't have right now. But as I have some extra cash I think I know what some of it will go toward (Hint: the answer is in this paragraph).

we are advised to start off by going through our house and take detailed nots of what needs to be organized and picked-up. Then plan ans start sorting the basic, working your way to more specific areas (kitchen cabinets, pantries, linen closet, etc.

A lot of what is shared was common sense and many thing I have done already but there are a few tricks that caught my eye.
My favorite idea was using paper clips or rubberbands to organize papers more to save space. Even for envelopes, etc. Well I have a drawer of scratch paper (mostly used envelopes, junk mail with black backs, etc) So I went through and sorted by size and then paper clipped everything in groups. My loose papers now take up half the space!
Another favorite was for bed sheets. Take the sheets and using 1 of the matching pillowcases, store the sheets in the pillow case for easy grab and storage. I did this and my linen shelf looks so much more organize plus less threat of things unfolded and getting tangled with other bedding.

Ultimately I am reasonably impressed. I wish there were a few other tips. I have a feeling the author has a few others up her sleeve being a few here are quite creative yet simple.