Memoirs of a Geisha

Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Golden Absolutely beautiful! This story was so rich and vivid. With attention to personal details, you could almost think this is a real memoir.
from her childhood as Chiyo, her days as a maid and finally her transformation into Sayuri and her life as a geisha. It was a remarkable, heartfelt journey. She goes through so many hardships to obtain the best life possible and make her dream come true. It is a show of how life does not always go as we want. That others actions can affect our own.

The glimpse we get for the secrets of geisha are incredible to read about. Even just the lifestyle for the time period in general. From the make=up and dressing, to their training. How they entertain, what process they have to go through to get ready for an event, the different stages ans so much more.

***This review is not complete but these are my basic thoughts. More to come...***
I will admit the big downfall to me was the odd obsessive romance for a 12 year old girl toward a 45 year old man as it continues through the years. Admiration is one thing, but she really does go too far.

A great cultural eye-opener. I would love to read other historical novels by this author!