Resignation - Amanda Thome This was an alright continuation of the first book but it din't really grab me and pull me into the story. I always felt a but detached with this book.

Nessa seems less mature, Ty more arrogant. While Nessa's character was okay overall, I found myself not liking her reasoning to what, how and why she would do something. And I feel so bad for Garrett. Between Garrett and Ty, I much prefer Garrett's character. he gets screwed on all sides yet still tries to be a classy guy, even with Ty being a jerk with him. Honestly reading from Garrett's perspective was the one thing I liked most with this book.

The pace felt a bit broken. The story seemed like it could have used more balancing and better character building. even though I liked Garrett overall, even he seemed a bit flat. So I am really hoping more time is given to the next book to smooth things out. When I read a series, I need to see character change and I am not seeing that here very much. Although I think part of the problem is I felt a bit detached from book 1 to here. If you have not read or do not remember details of the first book, you will be very lost, very fast. Whie I don't want a huge recap, tying what is happening from one book to another can be helpful in my opinion.

The story itself is interesting. A tense rescue mission and an unexpected story twist gave it the needed potential to keep me reading. I enjoyed not having all all the answers right away. Amanda Thome did a good job giving in giving us just enough to create questions about who, what and why and gives us answers at good intervals to keep the reader interested in what is going on. I liked that the results were not obvious.

The book ends with another cliffhanger. I will continue the series but I must admit, even with the ending I don't feel like it is a rush to read. This book was decent but not as good as I was hoping so my desire for the next book is toned down. Still, I liked it enough to continue.