Happy Marriage?!, Vol. 5

Happy Marriage?!, Vol. 5 - Maki Enjouji I really do love this series! The growing relationship between chiwa and Hokuto is one many can relate to in different aspects. Every relationship has it's trials and this series has done a fabulous job bringing them to light. But it is not just some heavy drama. There are lots of cute and sweet moments and also some more steamy ones! Especially in this volume!

It is obvious to the readers that the couple is not very much in love but it is still distant. Both still seem to but up a wall and have a lot to learn about communication still. It takes a drunken Hokuto to finally make those steps. while partly steamy this scene is a bit too dominant for what I was expecting. While traveling they pretend to be brother and sister which insights all sorts of jealousy and trust questions.

This manga is meant for mature readers due to sex scenes. While I do love this series, I liked this one just a little less than the previous volumes. Nothing significant but certain tiny aspects with a demanding husband and such bothered me a bit. Still very good. Lovely art. the expressions on Chiwa and Hokuto are perfect and share so much with the readers. This is a series to continue!

*I was given a digital review copy of this in exchange for a fair/honest review. All opinions expressed are strictly my own.*