Mine Till Midnight

Mine Till Midnight - Lisa Kleypas Thoughts on this book -review in progress

I do not think this book is for me. It was very well written but for the life of me, I felt nothing for it. While is sad, since I heard so many great things about it.

The main focus of the Story is on Cam and Amelie. But there is also other characters, in particular Merripen (strange name) and Win. I'd just be getting into what is happening with our main stars, then WHAM! My focus is forced elsewhere. Often that is fine, but for some reason it kept me disconnected from the characters.

What I can say is I liked that this is not your typical, insta-love romance. In fact, Cam has his his work cut out (okay i guess it it insta-love for his part). Amelia's focus is elsewhere and not in looking for a man.

As I already stated, the writing is very good. And there are a few hot scenes between out couples. But no matter how hard I wanted to, I just felt very distant the entire time.