Safe and Sound (A Fields of Elysium Novella)

Safe and Sound (A Fields of Elysium Novella) - A.B. Whelan I think I made a mistake in reading thins when and how I did. See, I have yet to read the first official book to the series. Some books you can start with the prequel. Not here. I was so confused.

Due to this, I am not considering this an official review (you won't yet find this on my blog or amazon, etc). My plan is to read the first book in the series, then come back and see how I think this ties in, once I know more. This just jumps right in but it is easy to tell I am missing part of the story, leaving me with a lot of questions. These questions just kept building as I read with few of them answered. But after chatting with a few others, it seems if I read the first book, I should be okay. So fair warning to anyone else who has not read the series!

What I did like was the characters. This book goes through quite a few as it is given to us over many years. Although I must admit the time jumps can be a bit disconcerting, especially when you just start to get the feel of what is going on. But even the glimpses we get, I see lots of diverse personality. The parent's tale is quite tragic and Victor's is intriguing.

I liked the writing. Very fast-paced and engaging and doesn't really let up. Something is always happening or changing so it is impossible to be bored reading this.