My Name is Joe

My Name is Joe - Stefan Bourque This is one of those reads that really makes you stop and THINK about the life you are living.

Joe is you average middle-age guy who has now family or social life. He is diagnosed with a terminal cancer and this sets him on a course to re-evaluate his life. So many people, to certain extents, remind me of Joe. Living their life, day-to-day with no real goal or impact. Before he dies, Joe wants to change that.

This story is short but beautiful. I absolutely love how it was written. It is not a fast-paced book. Each moment in this story is full of meaning. Many times did I find myself with thoughts turning inward as I read this. And more than once did a silent, slow tear trickle down my cheeks. Especially toward the end. So fair warning, tissue might be handy. It is a very emotional, moving story.

Seeing things from Joe's perspective was easy to relate to and follow. I highly recommend this. we all find ourselves in life's ruts and this puts things in their place.