The Substitute Bridegroom

The Substitute Bridegroom - Charlotte Louise Dolan This has to be one of the most distant relationship romances I have ever read! The marriage of convenience, turns to love romance theme doesn't work for me in the way we get it here. The husband is never around!

Basically what happens it Elizabeth is hurt by captain Darius' lack of caution. This cases her to lose her fiance, and social status. So Darius is pressured to marry her as compensation. For the first 3/2 of the book I did not like his character at all! He never tires to honestly make things up to her. not even a simple "sorry." Then he doesn't trust her, then ignores her! Great start to their marriage, right? Over time, the couple does apparently get to know each other, but with how it plays out if just never feels real.

Elizabeth's character, however, I liked. For all she goes through, she stands strong. The other characters in the book were interesting but I cannot say I cared much for them(some of them are more horrible than her husband!). but I was shocked how much they were involved. I am used to these romance books so focused on just the couple but this does not. It is a wider world which was interesting. the time period is well described which made the book more real.

The writing style is far from my favorite. It all seems a bit scattered to me, making it less enjoyable to try and follow what is happening, and when. Timeframes get a bit blurred.