Life and Death of a Tough Guy (Prologue Crime)

Life and Death of a Tough Guy (Prologue Crime) - Benjamin Appel An okay read. Welcome to the 1920's! Benjamin Appel seems well educated about the time era and gangster life that was popularly known. So I felt it was more realistic than some novels.

I also felt it was too short to get into his character. I hated Sadie's character. How he could fall in love with her is beyond me, although I certainly never got the feeling the Joey was actually in love with Sadie. If just seemed weird to me. It doesn't help that to me the story so dry. Not slow, as a lot goes on, but it is how the story is told I didn't care for. At first I felt bad for him (he was really picked on to the point of it being dangerous!). But then everything just goes bland.

So while I did learn more about the time in which this takes place, Joey's story did nothing for me in the end.