Frindle - Andrew Clements, Brian Selznick Did you ever question why something is called what it is? Nick here does. He decides a pen is not a pen, but a Frindle. Apparently, everyone likes the idea and it catches quick. Unrealistically quick, but this is a middle grade book so taking that in stride.

I loved his teacher Mrs. Granger. She lets nothing slip past her and if you try, you'll regret it! She and Nick push each other but it also challenges one another in good ways. Although I do wish she has a slightly better attitude toward the outcome of the plan she unwittingly unleashed. Especially when she starts making the students write sentences. And, on a side note, apparently writing sentences isn't very common anymore. My brothers have nod idea what that is in school. So it might seem a bit dated now to some youth.

This story makes you stop and think but is also lighthearted and amusing. The levels Frindle reaches are crazy yet it is what makes it such a good story.