Two Old Potatoes and Me

Two Old Potatoes and Me - John Coy Ever wanted to grow potatoes with your kids? Read this with them! Great father/daughter bonding story where the girl gets to learn how to plant and grow their own potatoes. This actually covers a lot of basic details that impressed me.

What I didn't care for so much was the art. Especially the characters (eyes in particular). Too jumbled and just looked sloppy to me. You know it is bad when a few kids in the group you are reading to comment on how they can color better and how the artist couldn't stay in the lines.

I am torn about how the story is told. The words are wrapped around the pictures. part of me finds in unique and created. Yet it also seemed to add to the jumbled chaos of the images and the kids have to work and find the next sentence which could add frustration when it throws them off I learned.

So story is great but would love to see new art style attached.