Before He Was Famous

Before He Was Famous - Becky Wicks A sweet best friends, turned to romance story with a mix of stardom. Chloe and Noah are "just friends" at least on the surface. What simmers underneath is another story but of course they can't admit to that. Noah gets a shot to be a famous musician and Chloe, being such a good best friend, follows him.

While there is no doubt she is his most loyal fan, he is also hers. Protective, caring and sweet, I loved Noah's character. How can you not love a guy who rights such beautiful songs for his "friend." The awkward divide between them from their past drove me nuts. I hate seeing how that seemed to be the hangup for admitting what is really between them. It didn't help that I didn;t much care for Chloe. Not that she is bad, I just couldn't click with her as a main character.

The stalker suspense didn't flow with the story. It either should have been more prominant or removed, in my opinion. It's like tossing garnish on a dinner plate to make it look more appealing but serves no real purpose.

The writing was alright but I was a bit all over the place with the story telling At times, I felt connected to what was happening, especially with Noah around, and other times I felt oddly distant and nearly bored. So mixed thoughts on this one.