The Witches

The Witches - Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake Why did I wait until I was an adult to read this book? Oh, that's right, because I saw the movie when I was too young still and it scared me so badly that when I heard about the book it was based off of i avoided it like the plague. Now I wish I hadn't avoided it for so long. While I enjoyed it as an adult, I am sure I would have appreciated much more maybe in, say, Middle school.

I know a lot of people consider this a children's book and it is, but I feel the content can be a bit much for some kids. The idea of this being read to a group of 1st-2nd graders is scary in itself. While some kids may be fine, others will be freaked out. Dahl's writing is just that good for this.

The images are light and actually help tone it down in my opinion but my husband said it was the opposite back when he read it.

This book is about a young boy is must face of which some witches who want to rid the world of nasty, pesty children. With some help from his grandmamma (who is a hoot and I love), he must stop them. But what can a little boy do against powerful witches? Read and find out!

I loved how Dahl describes witches. there were a few parts that even made me laugh and well as give me inner child a couple shivers. The story is very engaging and I enjoyed it.

This is recommended reading but for kids, I am not sure a forced classroom read is the way to go as the subject can still be sensitive. Reading individually with your child if they are younger or encourage discussion about the book if they are older and are not reacting positively. Middle school aged kids should be fine I think.