The Wishflower Field Marie's Triumph (book 1)

The Wishflower Field Marie's Triumph (book 1) - Jennifer Fallaw This book is actually more like a 3.5 for rating.A cute story about a girl named Marie who has been having nightmares about shadows and being chased by a monster. Now it is affecting her when she is awake. Afraid to open the closet, or be alone. After failing to alleviate her daughters fears, mm calls in reinforcements... Grandma! Grandma tell her of a special place called the Wishflower Field. A special place she can go, if she confronts her fear...The story is enjoyable, but the age is hard to pinpoint. The theme for night terrors is often younger kids but this girl seems to be between 6-9. For which the book is also more suitable for. Too long for a young child and not many pictures to keep them entertained for long. This book is book 1 or a series. I am intrigued enough to read into the next book but I feel the author left too much of a cliffy for the younger kids who will likely forget all about this book by the time the next one comes out. However, I suppose that depends on how long that takes between each book. That is part of the reason for the rating as it is. Potentially it could be a four if the books come out back-to-back to aid a childs memory of the series. Overall, a neat story. I love the idea of the wishflower field. Wish I could go! I look forward to seeing where things go with Marie and the friend she makes in this first story. Special thanks to Momma Says Read and the author for providing me a free copy of this book!