The Guidance (Ghost Huntress Series #2)

The Guidance - Marley Gibson I have so many mixed thoughts about this series...First off, I like the characters. A good blend of personality types. The story line is really good. Much like the firs book I was easily caught up into what is happening. It helped that the characters played true to their roles and personalities. The other seems to have done her homework on ghost hunting (and watched her share of Ghost Hunters the tv series) and seems to have some new age knowledge.What I didn't like. Mixing the religion into the book. While some churches deny ghosts and others say they exist, almost every church I know of will say 'do not look into the spirit world.' Be it demons, ghosts, angel or whatnot, there is a reason most people are oblivious. Even if you can see it, don't seek it out! Just my opinion. so mixing that aspect in disappointed me. My biggest problem is the text speech. I can deal with it if I am reading a text but not general first person perspective. Also, the incorrect slang spelling. Evah for ever, etc. Honestly, spell it correctly. I understand if she is talking out loud, but she isn't. I strongly feel this type of writing in a book is leading the youth to being even more illiterate than many already are. I already see so many teens who truly cannot spell even the simplest of world. Books like this scare me because it makes me wonder what books will be like in 5-10 years from now. I almost gave up after the first book but the story kept me going. Not sure I can say the same after this one. It gets worse.For teenagers, they will likely enjoy this, but PLEASE do not think this book is all proper English, spelling, etc. And please do not use this writing as an example of good or proper writing. Otherwise, enjoy a fun story-line with enjoyable characters.