I, Minion (The Minion Chronicles, #1)

I, Minion (The Minion Chronicles, #1) - Lewis Dix This was a very different story. It is all a first person perspective ok a 'mindless' skeleton minion. I say mindless because we wouldn't get his thoughts for the book if he was. Sometimes his thoughts seem too willful for the minion he describes himself and others as being. He has no name. He was once a name and when he was killed, a Dark Lord took his body and has been using it as a minion since. At times, this sort of made me think of 'Warm Bodies' with the dead perspective going on. I battled with liking this or not. It is very dry oftentimes. Yet, being how he is, it probably is suppose to be. It read like a roller coaster. I would be into it...then not...then into it..then not.. Being this was a short novella I cannot say much without giving away the story. Final opinion-not a bad story, but could use a bit more life, even though he is dead.