Nameless - Joe Conlan Fantastic book! When I started reading this, even though it sounded interesting, I did not have high hopes. I had never heard of the author (being this is his first book) and I am very picky about my thrillers. This is one of the best I have read is some time.We have a nameless serial killer who does not exist in any record. He was not born in any hospital, never saw a doctor, never even left home growing up. Abused in every way possible as a child, he has a lot of resentment to certain people in life and is very perverse in his killings as he grows up. He sets his sights on a woman named Annie. His jealous nature gets the better of him for those who get too close. So while stalking her, he is also acting out various murders that are baffling the FBI. When he sees FBI agent Daniel Falcone is close to Annie, his jealousy reaches boiling point as he sets of a chain of events that soon have the FBI on his trail and his on Daniel and his family. A true game of cat and mouse but one in which I kept wondering which is the cat. The writing is nicely down. Very vivid descriptions (sometimes almost too vivid). I must say this book is not for the faint of heart. it has several gruesome, perverse scenes. The killer, Daniel and Annie are all very well created. So are other characters. The fear and reactions of the victims comes across so nicely. The inter-personal relations of the main characters realistic. The one character I did not like is Deborah, Daniel's wife. She comes across as very needy, insecure and judgemental. Especially when she demands he hand over his cell phone for a full week, knowing he is working a serious case! Now this is not saying she is not well written, I just didn't like her. I really liked how the author gave us backrounds on each main character throughout the story. It made them that much more real.Like I said earlier, I am picky about my thrillers. This author has made a strong impact on my radar and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for his future books.