The Exemeus

The Exemeus - Folami Morris;Abeni Morris The summary does not do this story justice. Nor is it quite how I would describe this book. It is SO much more! This has been one of the greatest books I have read so far this year!The book starts off with young Dephon meeeting a strange woman and given a book (The Exemeus) and told he has 10 days to read it before others would try to kill him. He learns his life is much more than he grew up knowing and it is about to be turned completely upside down.The setting is a couple decades in the future from current times. A world where no one goes outsidem schools are outlawed and an unearthly force rules the planet. His father is not who he seems and the book holds the answers. Most of this novel is actually set in time to the book Dephon is reading-The Exemeus. It is like a living diary of his mother and what led to the current state of things. I do not want to say too much for fear of spoiling anything.What I will say, is that this book is almost like a prequel that has me wanting to urge the authors to quickly come out with the next volume to I can see what happens next. The characters are amazing. Hyalee is so very realistic and easy to feel for (and with) I easily felt like I was right along beside her as she goes through her journey. Or perhaps I should say along Dephon as he reads about it. Another fun one is the rooster Kayin. I would love a rooster (or any animal) like him. He brings out ones inner child. even if all you are doing is reading about him.The pace is perfect. Once I started, I didn't want to stop, and yet I had to at times, just to 'pounce around,' knowing this is only this first book and that some of my 'What will happen next?' questions were not going to be answered. Magic, other worlds, oppressive governments, fantastic creatures await. Perfect for teens and adults alike. A great start to a new series!