Eric Elmoor and The Gauntlet of Godric (Book 1)

Eric Elmoor and The Gauntlet of Godric (Book 1) - Thomas A.  Meyers This is a World or Warcraft rip-off!! This should be considered fanfiction. That is my bottom-line thought. Before I get into that more I will go over a couple other parts first.The story starts of where an elf, Derex goes rogue and becomes a warlock to change the way of human-kind. He attacks a main city, stirring trouble that begins to affect a boy-Eric. Eric is not trusted by many due to having unusual eyes. He is sent of with a mage to the elven city, where he learns he is half-elf and they start to train him. He finds himself caught between 2 races and is determined to learn more about his father. These two very different people are on a collision course toward each other.So first off, the pace is all over. One minute it is descriptive, the next all chaos break lose in only a couple paragraphs. A large chunk of the beginning seemed to be more a combination of a really long summary and cliff notes. Second-little originality (which leads me to why I am upset with this book) Popular names like Warwick, Godric, Titus, Cerberus etc are used. Not to mention the story was a bad mixup of Harry Potter meets [b:Eragon|113436|Eragon (Inheritance, #1)|Christopher Paolini||3178011]. That was disappointing. What upset me started with entering the elven city. Eric is confront by Panthers who shift into elves. My mind instantly wen to the mounted guards near Darnassus in Warcraft (or the fact that druids shapeshift into a large cat)-but this crosses my mind more later with teh druid spells), but I moved on. Next, the elven city seemed to glow in purple lights. VERY Darnassus. The entire city strongly resembled the main elven city in World of Warcraft. By this point I was very disappointed in lack of apparent originality but I tried to give the author the benefit of a doubt. Maybe is was just coincidence. THEN Eric gets his first Druid training and I quote this "'the simplest spell in a druids arsenal is the entanglement spell. This will allow you to wrap the roots of any plant around your enemy'" Now, in Warcraft one of a druids first spells is 'Entangling Roots' Seriously! Even the name is almost exactly alike! a page or so later and the next spell is called stormwind (now while that is not a spell in Warcraft it is a capitol city. At this point I was just plain done. So, for those of you who are unfamiliar with Warcraft, read an actual Warcraft novel instead. They are official and the stories are so much better. Also feel free to look up Darnassus or Night Elves or Druids for Warcraft to see what I am talking about.Now, to be fair, especially since this was a book offered for review- I did like the futuristic blend with the old-school fantasy. The holograms, trams, etc of the city where the one neat idea the author had. If the story had just been a bit more original in the other areas it would have been at least decent. But the copying of other works destroyed this story for me. I was really hoping to enjoy it. The summary sounded promising, but as a gamer, this book was not for me at all.