Dreamer (Chronicles of Marithe)

Dreamer - Patrick O'Scheen A fun fantasy for mature readers. This book mostly takes places in a gaming world in the land or Marithe. This book stars two main characters: Sheen-who, in Marithe, is a captain of the guard for the king. A loyal soldier with strong morals and a hatred for dragon-kind. andMagic-a beautiful young man who befriends Sheen and we soon learn is a Crimson Dragon.In real life, these two are best friends. Sheen is rich but is unable who desperately wants to help his best friend, who has a serious illness.While we do get glimpses into the real world, most of the story takes place in the game world. This world is vividly portrayed. The author does a fantastic job with the setting. From the capitol city, the the cliff edge and the castle, with various characters, both hated and loved. We learn of Umbra, who is also a player of the game, but I wish I know more about the game, as a game. Is it virtual reality, MMO, etc. Who is real, vs NPC? As a gamer, these facts would have been nice. Regardless, I couldn't help but love the world described.The characters are amazing. Each character in the story is strong in their own right. Some I liked, others I wanted to toss over a cliff. each very unique. I couldn't help but be drawn to Magic especially. It is so easy to be drawn to him, both in the game and 'reality.' The jumping back and forth from the game and reality was a little too spontaneous for me. Especially since the names are the same in both worlds. So it sometimes took a couple sentences to figure out what happened. One thing I wish I saw more here, was the real life, again also relating to others in their lives, what was wrong with Magic, and the time correlation from the game to real life. Other than that unfulfilled desire for the book, I deeply enjoyed it. The themes were well thought out, the story nicely written. the pace is consistent and strong until the last 50 pages or so worth and then it had me sitting straight up, going through each page, rapidly devouring the story in anticipation to how it will end This is a wonderful fantasy world, with heroes, villains, dragons, magic and more. I must stress, though, that this is NOT a young adult book. So to all you mature fantasy fans, don't miss this fun read!