13 British Horror Stories

13 British Horror Stories - Rayne Hall Overall, I enjoyed these stories. Some more than others but each one worth taking a look at. Each story is about 5-20 pages long so they are quick to read. These stories vary from creepy ghost stories, vengeful people and more. My favorites included 'Take me to St Roch's,' and 'Druid Stones.' But there were many others I liked as well. Seagulls reminded me a bit of the old horror story, 'The Birds' by Daphne du Maurier. One thing the author did that I found nice, was that at the beginning, she tells the reader how she got the idea for each story. While I found this interesting, especially the time and dedication she puts into each one (and it shows in the stories), I wish she had kept it s bit shorter. A paragraph or so for each story would have been plenty but we get a bit more than that.As I said, the author put in good time to understand the setting for each story, and it shows. The description makes you feel as if you can be there yourself. How she spend time in a cemetary at night to get that feeling is nicely portrayed. To me, a misleading fact is the title. While the author does state that these are more creepy and not gore-fill (very true), I would not claim them as horror either. Some are slightly unsettling and others have a creepy atmosphere but I don't like the use of the word horror to describe them. These stories can be read by any ages Middle school-adult and enjoyed by all. You can read the whole book in one sitting or even just a story a day. You can see my original review here