Star Wars: Rebellion: My Brother, My Enemy v. 1 (Star Wars Rebellion Graphic Novels)

My Brother, My Enemy - Rob Williams, Michel Lacombe Nicely written comic. The story focuses on how the empire infiltrates the rebel alliance by brainwashing one of their own and using an old friend of Luke's, from Tatooine. The story leaves you wondering what their motives are and which side they end up on (and I'm not giving that away). Especially Luke's friend. The conflict of it all and which of them is fighting for the right side is well written.The writer did a good job expression various thoughts and emotions and were also caught well enough by the artist. Te artistic style was very details which I like. I really enjoyed they way he played and worked with shadowing. My only complaint was the characters were often drawn looking too old. He was suppose to be around 18 years old but does not look it. Nor does Leia. Otherwise though, very well done.