Moon Sworn (Riley Jenson Guardian Series #9)

Moon Sworn (Riley Jenson, Guardian, #9) - Keri Arthur The final book of the Riley Jenson series! I am going to keep this review short so as not to spoil anything. Simply to say, this was a very enjoyable series. All lose ends come together for our heroine in this final case the Riley takes on. Her view on packs, family, the directorate and her own desires finally meet up in this conclusion. Mini-synopsis: Riley is kidnapped by Blake while on a case, has her memory erased and must re-discover herself and those she knows before it is too late. All while somehow still working the case, as another victim is claimed where she is at and it strikes chord in her memory.Honestly the addition case seemed to detract from this last book. I wish it had been simply the kidnapping and another way of regaining her memories. The added case plot took away from the tension that has been underlining Riley's very existence as she gets to face her past.Otherwise I was alright with the book. My only other wish would have been for an epilogue following the last few sentences made. Set a few years into the future would have been nice. But alas, I was denied further details. Still satisfied however.Be warned, to those of you who read this series for its more sensual scenes, this book is lacking in those compared to the other books. However, to me, this did not take away from the book or series. In fact, it heightened my respect for the author with how the focus was tying up loose ends.