The Search for the Red Dragon (Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica)

The Search for the Red Dragon - James A. Owen This book picks up a few years after the first one. Aven's son and other children have gone missing so our dutiful Caretakers go on another adventure. Aven goes with the and so does a young girl named Laura Glue.This book, like the first makes popular references to people in history, books, authors, etc. However, the main focus it has this time is Peter Pan. In fact, Pan himself is in this book and we get to see, per James A Owen's world, how the legend began. It is a neat twist to the story. I feel like this book's story flowed better than the last one. I must say , though, that if you have not read the first book, do so before this one. There are key points made that relate to the first novel, that seem like they will answer in the third.