Last Vampire

The Last Vampire - Christopher Pike I first read this book several years ago. When I first read I was not aware it was actually a series. However I more recently came across them in a sale. Re-reading the book was great. I still really enjoyed it. Sita/Alisa is a great character who is easily like-able. This series dismisses a lot of the standard vampire threats and concepts. Such as crosses, coffins and burning in the sun. Sita acts and fits in as a 'normal' high school girl in this first book. She draws close to one of the students there who reminds her of her past life, 5 thousand years ago when she was human. the other main character is Yaksha. The one who turned her to what she now is.The past meets present as these three characters draw closer together. What happens? I will let you read the book to find out. A great book for young adults especially but even adults could enjoy this short series. While this book does have elements of romance, do not mistake this book for Twilight. This book is darker, more engaging and the character personalities are much more realistic. The books are quick and fast paced (as most of Pike's books are). So for a fun read on some down time, I fully recommend this book (and all its sequels-some of which are better than others).