Survivors - Z.A. Recht,  Thom Brannan I really enjoyed the series, at least up until this book. While the book was not bad, it was definitely lacking. I suppose that is because this book was not finished be the original author, as he had passed away. So, as for the book itself, we have many of the survivors (I will not give names so as not to spoil earlier books) in the Omaha Fac, trying to establish a more normal lifestyle and looking for a cure. We have the sailors from the Rammage desperately trying to follow the trek across the US to reach them, even stopping as familiar towns, with the one person known to be immune from Morningstar. And then we have Agent Sawyer, still on his power trip, determined to thwart everything to prove himself. While the books was enjoyable, it just wasn't near as good as the first two. There were parts of the book the writing style was very different and character personality seemed off. However, I still think Thom Brannan did a fair job with what he had to work with as far as I could tell, but there were a few gaps. Although I was saddened that after all the travels and loss, some of my favorite characters died after all they had been through. Oh well, welcome to survivalist horror, right? Anyways, go enjoy the book.