Cinders; A Cinderella Sequel - Michelle D. Argyle An interesting twist to the "Happily Ever After" of Cinderella. This story focuses on Cinderella (also known as Christina) after she is married to the prince. She is now princess to a kingdom. Yet she is not happy. A couple years before she met the prince she met a stranger and has an attachment to him. Rowland the prince chose her as his princess due to a spell that was cast by her fairy godmother. Her fairy godmother was locked in the dungeon for being a witch. Cinderella is given an option to choose to keep the life she has, or cast another spell for a chance with the stranger.I don't want to give away too much so I will stop there and leave the rest of the story itself. I enjoyed this book. The writing was organized and concise. A nice story line. Cinderella's inner turmoil was well described. I do wish the story was longer however. Especially toward the end. The end seemed a bit cropped off. Besides that, however, I really enjoyed this. It was a good, quick read.*I received this book free in a Goodreads giveaway.