Shadowman - Erin Kellison Once again, Erin Kellison impressed me. I cannot sing the praises for this series enough. This world full of fae, angels, Shadows, and wraiths she has beautifully described. The characters are realistic and easy to relate to. Even Death (AKA Shadowman) is fantastic and personable (in his own way, of course).Being this is the end of the series, I do not wish to give things away but the book does a wonderful job wrapping up the story, yet still left me yearning for more when I was finished. This books is filled with characters from her other books: Shadowman, Talia, Kathleen, Custo and Adam are all back. Throughout the entire second half I was unable to put the book down hardly. I just had to know what was to become of these characters as our author keeps us guessing until the near end. Bravo for a great conclusion!