1001 Ways to Cut Your Expenses

1001 Ways to Cut Your Expenses: Here Are Money-Saving Tips from an Expert on How to Find Hidden Money When You Need It Most - Jonathan D. Pond First off, to understand my rating, this book is very outdated. Most tips in here only apply to the time table the book was written in (early 90's). Most tips are also common sense while other tipsar just plain tacky.This books would have done better to stick to tried and true savers with some unique twists. Gardening would have been great area to hit on. Fixing tear/rips in items, etc. Some tips are also contradictory to others. Such as, do not buy items cause they are on sale, vs buy when on sale, vs not waiting until the last minute and buying items when you dont need them. I was able to sort through the contradictions with ease, but how he touches at them in different points throughout the book may confuse others.It it was still in the 90's I would give this 3 stars. But even for the time period, this is far from a good money-saving tip/trick book.