Heaven's Wager (Martyr's Song Series #1)

Heaven's Wager - Ted Dekker An interesting story! This story focuses around a man named Kent, who has no faith in God. His wife, son and mother-in-law (Helen) do strongly. Kent is a programmer who wrote a program for the bank he works for and was promised a hefty reward for such a valuable program. One the day he was to present his program a tragedy strikes his family. Shortly after, he learns that he supervisor has taken full credit for the program at work. In less than a month he has lost his family, and want his has worked on for years. And that is just the beginning!As Kent spirals down downward first despair and than a very elaborate plan of revenge, we have Helen who saw the death of the family before they happened. She starts fiercely praying for Kent's soul as she learns that everything that is happening is related to his salvation or ultimate demise. Dekker has done a great job creating characters in this story. A great reversal twist to the story of Job from the Bible! I enjoyed reading the plotting and the steps Kent takes to pull off the heist. Although I must admit the death of the boy was a bit hard to read about. Very sad. Yet event hat deserves congratulations! This book had me often hating Kent and feeling utterly sorry for him, often at the same time. Helen is a great character and would be so fantastic to know someone like her in real life! Well done, Ted Dekker.