Ptolemy's Gate (Bartimaeus Series #3)

Ptolemy's Gate (Bartimaeus Series #3) - Fantastic final book to the Bartimaeus Trilogy. I actually give this a 4.5 stars. In this book, Bartimaeus, Nathaniel (John Mandrake) and Kitty are back. Its three years after the events with the golem from the second book. Nathaniel is now a member of the council and one of the closest magicians to the minister and holds substantial power. Kitty had been working as an assistant to a magician in order to gain knowledge on Bartimaeus and his past. Bartimaeus....well he is much as he has been in the previous books. We get a good look at the relationship between Bartimaeus and Ptolemy in this novel. As Kitty works to unravel his mysteries, Nathaniel is busy with the war effort but is met with opposition from many ends. When Nathaniel's career is put on the line, it draws our three characters together to unravel the dark mystery of Mr Hopkins and the relations between magician and 'demon.' Nathaniel of forced to learn that many, including his former teacher, are disappointed in the person he has become and just how hated the magician rule really is. As he questions his loyalties, Kitty is put to the test of drawing 'demon' and human closer together.This book had a much more mature viewpoint and style. While the others were lighter in general, this one is darker. More language, violence and a unexpected ending. Mind you, Bartimaeus is cynical as ever, so you won't be disappointed there. A great book for older youth and adults of all ages.