Valley of Fear (Unicorns Of Balinor #3)

Valley Of Fear - Mary Stanton Another fun book for the series. So far I have really enjoyed this little series by Mary Stanton. This book continues to follow Arianna (goes by Ari) as she and the Sunchaser (whom she calls Chase) go to Castle Entia, in the Valley of Fear, to retrieve her scepter. Castle Entia is home of the Shifter. Arianna is still struggling to accept her role as Princess of Balinor and is torn between that destiny and the idea of just leading a simple life and letting go of her past.The story also continues to have Linc (the dog), Dr Bohnes, Toby, and the ever annoying brat Lori. We also get introduced to Dill and Basil in this book. They are a pair of foxes who accompany Arianna to the Valley. The ending was unexpected and has me looking forward to the next book in the series. These books are perfect for the older child or youth. A fun series with story and character. Even I, as an adult, enhoy them for a short change of fantasy pace.