The Rowan (Rowan (Paperback))

The Rowan - Anne McCaffrey This was the first book I ever read by Anne Mccaffrey. And I was hooked from the very beginning! A great science fiction with just a touch of romance. The series focuses heavily on telepathy, and psychokinesis. Those that have these abilities are known as Talents. Rowan is one such person. The story starts the the girl (to be known as Rowan) at a very young age. This book follows her training as a talent and continues there her young adult years. The Rowan is found to be one of the strongest Talents (known as T1 Primes). Her only companion (besides her 'mentor/guardian/ Siglen)was a toy cat named Purza. She remembers nothing of her past prior to being found by the Talents. Her journey is a great one to read.