Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi Omnibus: v. 1

Star Wars Omnibus: Tales Of The Jedi, Volume 1 - Kevin J. Anderson, Tom Veitch A good collection of some of the original comics from the early 90's. The first story here focus on the Sith empire, led by Naga Sadow against Empress Teta and some of the Republic, with Jori and Gav Daragon caught in the middle. This adventure covers about 1/2 the book. The next part is an introduction to Ulic, Cay and Freedon Nadd. Also included is the introduction to Nomi Sundrider, who is married to a Jedi and sees him murdered before her eyes. She then begins her own training with a Jedi named Thon.I highly enjoyed these adventures. They originally took place in the following comics: Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith Vol 0-5, Tales of the Jedi: The Fall of the Sith Empire Vol 1-5, and Star Wars Tales of the Jedi Vol 1-5. The stories were well done but I was not a huge fan of the artistic style, especially through the stories of Naga Sadow. Overall, the omnibus is a great way to organize the various comics for readers.