Dead Center

Dead Center - Joanna Higgins This book is about a father, named Ben, who is being charged with a murder. This "murder" took place 20 years ago and was declared a hunting accident. The book is primarily told from the perspective of his two eldest daughters, Laura and Linda. Actually, they are his stepdaughters. They are, in fact, the daughters of the man is is being accused of murdering...An interesting premise for a story based on that. However this book has too many other focus'. Stray and random thoughts and images. A lot of the book read more like a journal. The book is written much like what I might expect from a true crime courtroom setting book. At first I help a lot of hope. Around halfway through the book, my interest started to drop. The story wasn't moving along. Hints of other situations, gabs in the trial, drug rings and more are mentioned but don't seem well placed or explained. This book has a lot of internal and family drama to it as well, which at times raised my interest, and others (depending how it was written) did not.I received a free copy of this book from the Goodreads giveaway program.