The Looking Glass Wars (Looking Glass Wars #1)

The Looking Glass Wars (Looking Glass Wars #1) - A neat spin of "Alice in Wonderland." Yet unique in its own right. This story revolves around Alys (princess of Wonderland) who escapes to Earth to avoid being murdered by her Aunt Redd and the Cat assassin. Hatter M. is a special bodyguard who travels to Earth as well to protect Alys but is separated from her. His famous weapon is his hat (which I would love to own in real life!), which can become a spinning, deadly blade. Back in Wonderland there is also Dodge, who was the son of a royal guardsmen and is now a mercenary fighting the evil Redd. And the Alyssian army also rebels against the new, false queen. There are several other characters that are based off the original story but Beddor has added his own twists to them. The book is filled with fun little quips that make the reader smile. The story is easy to read, and moves at a good pace (mostly at least). My only concern was that the characters were not easy to feel and get into at times. Otherwise it is an enjoyable read and I am enjoying continuing the adventure with Beddor's other novels.