Season's Greetings, A Parish Mail Short

Season's Greetings, A Parish Mail Short - Kira Snyder This was a great addition to the Parish Mail series. The book appears to take place after book 2 (which I still need to read) and they days are creeping closer to Christmas!

Celia receives a new letter from the past, looking for something a young girl has lost. The book continues with other characters from the earlier books, including her grandparents, Sloan, Luc, Tilly, Donovan and her mother.

Much like the other books, you have choices to make that will steer the course of the story. In the choices I made, I got a lot of further insight into Sloan's character. While I didn't care for him in the first book, this had me more intrigues as he comes of as the wounded 'bad boy.' Still needs a major attitude adjustment but I really got to get some glimpses behind the exterior. Depending on the choices you make, it seems you get to know different characters a bit more.

One thing that surprised me was how far they had advanced in understanding how the letters work and what they need to do. Also, Celia's mom seems to know a lot more. And grandpa seems to have some ideas too... I really liked her grandparents a lot more in this one. While Jane is still standoffish in her own way, you see some other sides to her. Although, once again, this can vary some depending on YOUR choices.

While not giving specific spoilers, I loved the ending I got for Celia. And the mystery also took an unexpected twist. This book also was more a 'feel-good' mystery. This is a series I definitely plan to continue reading!