Broken Dolls

Broken Dolls - B.R. Kingsolver Broken Dolls starts off with some promise. The synopsis/summary alone had me quite curious. The whole book takes place around Rhiannon (also known as RB or Rhi) when she is requested for a special assignment.

Rhiannon is a telepath (a very powerful telepath) who works as a private investigator and is called to assist and locate a family member of the Lord who helped 'raise' her. She is quickly pulled into knowledge of a major human trafficking of young girls. She is quick to find many girls and their 'owners' but the girl she is sent to find is constantly just out of reach.

I liked the twist to this cat and mouse book by adding the telepathic powers, and the addition of the succubi was also an interesting element. I was very excited to see where it would go.

However the biggest draw to the book also led to it's downfall for me. Rhiannon ends up TOO powerful with too many powers, physical skills, language skills and more that just is too much to believe. She is so over the top I found it impossible to connect with her.

Ultimately, while I love fast paced stories, this one was a bit much. It goes from one scene to another in mere paragraphs. No setting is ever given. Everything happens so fast I could not visualize a single scene in the book. At least, all the important scenes, in my opinion. She can find a ringleader, break in and rescue the girl and interrogate the guy and be off after the next victim in just a couple pages! Yet a scene shopping for clothes takes just as long!

In the end, I just felt frustrated toward the character and the chase left me disoriented and lacking in excitement. For those who want to just read about a super-powered woman or who are curious as to human trafficking or just want to learn about the telepathic powers of this world you may enjoy this book. For me though, it was not enough.